Dangerous Sports

Catalyst Coders

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A relatively unknown and unannounced game which was being written by James Smart for Catalyst Coders.

It was James’ first development at the company, and one which he felt was pretty crap and not worth mentioning. Considering we mention pretty anything which existed, i’ve listed it here :)

The title was a working title, with plans to change it later (so to avoid potential legal issues with The Dangerous Sports Club. The game itself got as far as having a scrolling background with some mocked up ‘along the river Thames’ graphics, and a hang-glider.

Unfortunately the game was cancelled when R-Type was running so far behind schedule, they moved James onto that with David Jolliff instead. Their justification likely being that it was early stages anyway and R-Type was the bigger title which was critical to finishing. After the events of R-Type not making it, the game was never resurrected afterwards and left to gather dust.

There was no intended publisher, as there had been no solid talks with anyone at the time – which James believes was an easier reason for it to be canned.

It is likely that the remains of it is gone for good, but James may potentially find some of his old work disks in the future to save it. We’ll have to watch this space!

Contributions: James Smart

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