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I’ve always found it bizarre that US Gold’s Skweek game never saw a release on the C64, even though it was released on the 16-bits and also the Amstrad CPC.   The game was a cool tile based puzzler which was very well received, and saw a sequel in 1991 across all major platforms of the time.

The game was developed by French company Loriciel, which may explain why no C64 version ever made it, but the CPC version did.  The CPC was massive in France, so it is possible that US Gold got another company to do the C64 (and possibly Spectrum) editions too.

The evidence we have that Zzap Italia had an advert for the game which listed the C64 version.  However, later adverts remove the format – which suggests it could have either have been a mistake or the C64 version was dropped early on.  No Spectrum edition was listed at all.

It is very much early days, but it would be great to find that a conversion of this popular tile puzzler existed!

Do you know any more?

Contributions: Patrick Furlong, Luca Bertoldi

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  1. NOTE FROM ADMIN – Accidentally deleted this entry and luckily had the entry and Patrick’s comments in another tab to recreate. Re-added under his email/name, but for some reason it’s using my avitar! :)

  2. I’ve just found a Skweek specific advert in Amstrad Action. Sadly it doesn’t mention a C64 version, only the CPC, Amiga, ST and PC..

    A couple of Loricel’s games did make it to the Spectrum in this year but not Skweek – these were subcontracted.

    US Gold didn’t bring out everything Loricel produced in the UK. There was their own light gun called the West Phaser, shaped like a western Colt gun which never saw the light of day in the UK.

  3. At the time, US Gold distributed Loriciel games in the UK. I will check my UK mags to see if there is any mention of a C64 version in adverts, I have seen at least one advert.

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