Death Or Glory

Richard Bayliss

Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

Here we have another Richard Bayliss GTW, this time a two player game called Death or Glory. It was abandoned due to bitmap difficulties, and what remains is a briefly playable combat game where the players control a ‘ghost ship’ over a background of half a dozen islands in an ocean. The players control the ships and fire at each other, basically until the opponent ‘dies’. Sadly when this happens the game crashes, as nothing further was done.

The game has good potential as a fun, multiplayer battle game.

Setting it in an ocean gives the potential to add sea monsters or other variables, and the format is perfect for allowing up to four players, using the four player adapter that can be bought on Protovision’s website. The game is familiar enough to be instantly accessible while having enough originality to draw the veteran gamer in, and multiplayer can be fun no matter how stereotypical the game is.

Richard had the following to say about the game…

"This was originally a little demo part, which JSL/Covenant and I were working on. This was basically a 2-player game, where you had to move your ghost ship around the sea and shoot each other.

This game preview never became a game itself, as I had got into difficulties regarding bitmap background to sprite
collision. So as you will see, the game has been unfinished for a very long time. Johan did all the graphics work, except for the char set, which I used from one of my games. Will the game ever get finished you will have to wait and see. I don’t know if it will, for certain."

The good thing about modern GTWs is there is always a chance the game will one day be finished, in the mean time we can enjoy what there is (particularly the music) and hope Richard finds time to sort out the difficulties and release the game to the public.

Contributions: Richard Bayliss

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