Dive Bomber

Commodore Cracker

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

This was a simple BASIC Blitz clone produced by Adam Wade for Commodore Cracker. Adam Wade was famous for his Big Mouth Magazine that he released, so its hopeful that this one can be easily recovered. Maybe Adam even has some of the TTS games?

Brian Turner (Editor of CC) described the game as follows:

“I was recently sent 3 BASIC games, programmed by reader Adam Wade. When I got them I though “Wouldn’t it be a good idea to put these on the tape/disk over 3 issues as a good accompaniment to Jamie’s BASIC programming series, to show readers a bit of what you can do with basic?” So, I did. Here’s the first one with 2 more to come. It’s an updated version of “BOMBER” and you have to destroy enough of a city to make space to land your craft (Using an unlimited supply of bombs). The disk version also has savable hi-scores.”

Although there are hundreds of Blitz clones out there (myself guilty of contributing one to the C64 world), it will be good to preserve this one too!

Can you help us with this title?

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2 Responses to Dive Bomber

  1. I can probably help with all covermounts from commodore cracker (if they still work). The working ones I will add to the other things I send (will contact you for delivery details once got everything together).

    However, I would definately require the cc covermounts back once you’ve finished with them. Sad as it may seem to some readers, I’m very fond of my c64 collection :)

  2. the Big Mouth Magazine!!
    created in 1995 by nathan rochester and shane evans!
    introducing adam wade! well adam took it over and put us on the back burner!
    you know what teenagers are like lol! or who ever had the best cart at the time was adam wade with his action replay mk4 or 3 etc.

    i developed an idea from the grapevine magazines at the time!

    the name bigmouth was founded on which we used to call adam wade! we call him big mouth talk up a storm sorry bud! lol
    so the name hence was called the bigmouth disczine!

    it’s good to see the bigmouth out there circulating brings back memorys of the old days
    a pitty i did’nt add more to it. maybe time may tell ill have to do a revamp bring it back!!
    see what happends

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