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Don’t get too excited about this one. Its uncertain if this was meant to be, but Dune 2 may well have been planned for development at some stage on the C64. The static mock ups that we have here could well be a starting point of one, albeit an unofficial conversion.

Although there is no playable game, the two stills look rather good, and show some promise and excitement. But did it ever get past these mock up screens or was this all that was ever produced?

It is very likely that nothing was ever started, but we hope to hear from those behind the screens sometime to clarify. If you know anything more about it, please do get in touch.

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09/07/21 – Overhaul and tidy up of the write up.

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  1. It’s clearly just a mock-up made with two static pictures. The same two pictures (with text in Czech!) were packed into demos by many different cracking groups around 1996 (see CSDb.dk). There’s really no proof of an apparent plan of a game program.

    • Yeah, I think you are spot on. Though there could still have been plans to create a conversion, and the mock ups were a starting point. That’s what I’m hoping we’ll find out in time (if the creator of the mock-ups get in touch, or we find them that is).

      Agreed that “proof” is not correct – so I’ll adjust the write up (which is a bit of a mess – so must be one of my early write ups), as it certainly isn’t any proof at all that a conversion was underway. Plus of course, the language in the picture would suggest it was unofficial too, so i’ll update the company title. Thanks for the heads up!

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