Status: Full Game, Findability: 5/5

A game which has been found out about thanks to information from Darren Melbourne.

Duel is a split screen shooter which featured tons of parallax scrolling and special effects throughout. It was to be a combat game where you are pitted against an opponent/second player ship.

Programmer was none other than Finlay Munroe, who did many games on the C64, including many which never saw the light of day. Add this one to your list!

The game was actually completed, and was a lot of fun according to Darren (Who was the project manager). The game was to be published by Quicksilver, but sadly they went into administration just before the game could be published. For reasons currently unknown, the game never seems to have been pitched to anyone else, and so it remains as unreleased.

We hit a dead end when trying to contact Finlay to get the game, but in late 2011 – thanks to C64.com and Darren Melbourne – a selection of Darren’s disks were preserved, and Duel was recovered. There are slightly varying versions, but you will find a final version which was meant for a budget release.

It is a simple, but neat two player game – featuring some good graphics and titles. It isn’t mind blowing, but great to see this game finally preserved in its full form. Go check it out! (Thanks to Slator for the fixed files!)

Case closed!

Contributions: Darren Melbourne, C64.com, Slator

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