Dune Buggy

Mushroom Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Yet another obscure game, this time by an obscure company called “Mushroom”… Who I don’t think lasted particularly long.

Dune Buggy is not to be confused with the Corbis game of the same name, and has you trying to escape Customs who are chasing you with helecopters and fireballs. You can either fire at the objects or jump over them.

According to a competition entry with the game listed, the graphics were particularly good with the screen split 7 times to give a realistic effect. The game was listed in the advert as created by Nigel Rowlan, who was famous for the Skramble release by Rabbit Software.

Well, sadly it never surfaced… What happened?…. Did Mushroom Software collapse before a release was made?

As Super Scramble was going to be a rip off of the Rabbit Software game Skramble, was Dune Buggy perhaps a rip off of Trooper Truck by Rabbit? (although the coder is different).

Have you seen or heard of this game?

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