Steven Flanagan

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

This was a rare 3D Construction Kit created title created by Steven Flanagan, who also did the title A Chance In Hell.

The game was given to Mandy Rodrigous, who would put the game into her 3DCK User Groups PD library. The description Mandy gave was as follows:

“You are in the year 2002 and are imprisoned in a high security prison in Central for a crime you didn’t do. The prison is hit by a powerful lightening bolt and you’re the only survivor. The security systems are still intact (robots, detectors and cameras). You have a time limit to make your escape before reinforcements arrive. The game is very nicely programmed with plenty of problems to solve. You should find it most enjoyable. It comes with a detailed map and an instruction sheet.”

It is unknown if anyone purchased a copy, as towards the end – there were just a handful of users signed up to the user club. Sadly Steven has long lost a copy of the game, and is very hopeful that someone may have a copy. Mandy had tragically lost most of her equipment in a flood during 1993, so it is believed that she will no longer have it.

Did you happen you purchase a copy of Steven’s game and can you help us re-unite the game with its creator?

Contributions: Steven Flanagan

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