Euro Soccer


Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Yet another football game which never quite made it, along with Thalamus’ Arsenal title.

This game was in development for Creative Edge back in 1992 for a short period. So short it seemed that no code was ever started.

The only work which was thought to have been done on the game was the converted soundtrack by Sean, and possibly some player graphics ported from the Amiga version by Jason Kelk. The Amiga version was completed by Creative Edge sometime before.

An outside developer was to write the code, but didn’t even get to start it according to Jason. David Wightman confirmed to GTW64 that he was doing the coding duties and that the game was actually up and running, with the pitch, units on the pitch moving around and of course Sean’s music playing.

Despite things shaping up well, the A.I was never moved onto the C64 version as the publisher, Flair Software, felt that the C64 market had come to an end – despite a strong market in Germany and Spain.

Could anything of the game be found? Time will tell – it seems that David kept all of his work, so there is a chance that the remains of this game could be found.

Contributions: Jason Kelk, David Wightman

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Creator speaks

David Wightman speaks about work on Euro Soccer:

“The info you have online is correct although the game WAS up and running with the pitch up, units on the pitch moving around and excellent music completed by Sean C.

Despite great promise, the A.I. was never moved over to the C64 as the publisher (Flair Software) thought that the C64 market had come to an end despite a strong market in Germany and Spain.”

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