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Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

Many moons ago in the pages of Commodore Scene, their news pages stated about a game being created called Pimple Panic for the C64 by Megastyle. Nothing was ever heard of about the game again, until Ruben Spaans came forward with the following info and confirming the game:

“An action game where the player controls a hand navigating over a face where the purpose is to squeeze pimples. Some coding was done (not sure if it was playable, don’t remember), but I think all the graphics were done (done by Crockett/Space-Roy, I think).

I’ll see if I can find Pimple Panic. However, I’m afraid I have to search through my physical 5,25″ disks, as I haven’t found the game so far in my .d64 files. They are stored at my mother’s place, so I won’t be able to access these disks until Easter or maybe the summer.”

Well, in 2013 – Ruben managed to find the game. Although its unfinished, it’s playable. You can squeeze pimples (though you have to be precisely in the middle), and there is only one level which you cannot complete. Pimples just appear quicker and all over the place until the sprite multiplexer cannot handle it. It’s a good glimpse of what could have been. We are not sure just yet why the game was cancelled.

Additionally, the download we have here also includes the source code in turbo assembler, artwork for additional levels and more tunes.

It’s another title saved from obscurity – just a shame it never quite got completed! Enjoy!

Contributions: Jazzcat, Ruben Spaans

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Update history

28/09/14 – Artist Roy Widding digs out a previously unreleased loading picture.

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