Ex Simultan

Emix Software

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5


Our next entry into the GTW64 archives is a title that was recovered by Csaba Virag in early 2022. This is an early Hungarian puzzler that was created by Emix Software, who had very limited copies of their games made at home.

The title is very simple, and the aim is to try and move boxes into spaces on the grid. However, your cursor/person that moves the boxes is invincible and you have to try and figure out where you are roughly by moving around and hoping you move a box.

I’ve listed this as a preview, as its quite rough around the edges and lacks some polish (plus there only seems to be around 8 levels). It could be that this was the final version of the game though, but we’ll update if we learn more in the future.

Thanks to Csaba you can now check out yet more Hungarian C64 history now preserved.

Contributions: Csaba Virag

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