Furry Knibble Girls 2


Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Probably one of the strangest GTW titles i’ve had to enter – but this is no joke, but an actual game which we are trying to recover and may well have been released. It’s just missing, and has been highlighted by contributor Daniel Jonas.

The game is a Giana Sisters construction kit based game with new levels, and although many of the construction kit games that were produced (and there were a few!) were released, this one is still at large.

Sadly Philipp Staender, who has done a sterling job of trying to recover all the games, could not recover the game from his own disks. So this is a call out now to check your disks and help us preserve another piece of C64 history. Do you have it?

For now, here is a link to Philipp’s work…



Contributions: Daniel Jonas, Philipp Staender

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5 Responses to Furry Knibble Girls 2

    • Sadly nothing i’m afraid Rabbit. No one has come forward just yet, but it must be out there somewhere. Same problem with quite a few games we’re looking for in the archives, just needs the right person to check their disks and find it to preserve.

  1. I’ve checked the initial commits of the site and it has a strange file called “Knibble girls 2” but it looks like the leveleditor with some scratched prgs. I’m not sure if this game really exists. There is a hint for it in Gittys news intro screen as “coming soon” but everything else is yet to revealed. Maybe that leveleditor had some unfinished levels of it.

  2. Wasn’t Prof. Knibble the author of several Boulderdash titles too? I’m not sure if all of those were released.

    • I think so, though i’d probably have to start a completely separate archive for all the lost Boulderdash titles – so I may add an exception to not searching for those ;-)

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