Golden Axe V1

Virgin Mastertronic

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Yet another V1 title, this time in the form of Golden Axe, and by the very same developers.

We believe that there was another version of Golden Axe which was scrapped to make way to the version which we all know well.

The original game has been stated from various sources to include more than one enemy at a time (Two to be precise)
and the full 2 player mode.

These features were later dropped as there was a lot of flickering with the sprites, and the coders could not get it all
working. In the end Golden Axe became a one on one fighting game with only one player.

There is evidence that 2 player at least WAS an option in the released game, as the space on the character selection screen
is just left blank for player 2. Just seems a little odd, and that the display panels were built for a second player.

Chances of finding an earlier version are remote, but it would be interesting to attempt to find, so we are hopeful something will turn up soon.

What happened to this old version?…

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