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A short entry for a set of expansion packs/modules that were being advertised and developed for Knights of Legend. They were only advertised by Origin and were available from them, not available in stores or advertised in magazines. Thanks to Chris Burgoyne for flagging these up and the photos of the advert.

They promised that they would be inexpensive and feature:

  • New lands to explore
  • New characters to meet
  • New beasts to conquer
  • New quests to complete
  • New puzzles to solve.

They were due for release in the Spring of 1990, but don’t seem to have surfaced at all. We’re not sure if anyone sent off for them or if perhaps Origin decided at that point to leave the C64 market. Games were released into 1990, so it seems it was for other reasons.

So were they released in limited numbers and are yet to just be preserved, or did Origin decide to cancel due to poor sales of the main game?

Well, contributor Paul in the comments mentions that he rang Origin at the time and was told that the expansion packs were never released after poor sales of the main game. Is this true? We hope to confirm in the near future.

Contributions: Chris Burgoyne, Paul, LiqMat

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05/02/22 – Added details from contributor about Origin suggesting the game didn’t sell enough for the expansion packs to be released and scan of advert thanks to LiqMat

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  1. I have the original manual that explains new expansions are planned and how to get them, when they were finished. If you want I can scan a copy of that page

  2. I can shed at least some anecdotal light on this. There I was back in the early 1990s wondering where the heck the expansions were to the point where I somehow found Origin’s corporate phone number, and actually called up. The lady I spoke with didn’t seem super-thrilled to be talking with me, and expedited the end of the call by telling me in no uncertain terms that the game didn’t sell well enough so the expansions never came out. Now, I can’t say if that was the true or full reason, but that’s what I was told some thirty or so years ago.

    • Thanks Paul for sharing. She was probably telling the truth to be honest, and that would seem like a legitimate reason too. I’ll update the page quickly with your recollection, so thank you!

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