Knights of Legend Expansion Packs

Origin Systems

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A short entry for a set of expansion packs/modules that were being advertised and developed for Knights of Legend. They were only advertised by Origin and were available from them, not available in stores or advertised in magazines. Thanks to Chris Burgoyne for flagging these up and the photos of the advert.

They promised that they would be inexpensive and feature:

  • New lands to explore
  • New characters to meet
  • New beasts to conquer
  • New quests to complete
  • New puzzles to solve.

They were due for release in the Spring of 1990, but don’t seem to have surfaced at all. We’re not sure if anyone sent off for them or if perhaps Origin decided at that point to leave the C64 market. Games were released into 1990, so it seems it was for other reasons.

So were they released in limited numbers and are yet to just be preserved, or did Origin decide to cancel due to poor sales of the main game? We hope to learn more soon.

Contributions: Chris Burgoyne

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