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Our next GTW entry comes in the form of Honest Joe, a game by Bubble Bus Software and advertised in a Bubble Bus catalogue from around 1985 time. The game was also due for release on the BBC Micro.

The game in the advert was described as follows:

“Honest Joe – The getaway after the bank raid went terribly wrong and in the panic the robbers scattered their money bags. Luckily Honest Joe heard what had happened and set about recovering the money and returning it to the bank. Machine code, 3D graphics including mazes, tunnels, rivers, etc…, etc…, smooth fast action and realistic sounds. Joystick or Keys.”

Sadly the game never surfaced and nothing more was ever heard about the game itself.

It was thought that the game was the very same “Honest Joe” game that was released on the BBC Micro by Beebbug Software, but it is in fact a very different game about trading cars.

At the moment, apart from the vague description – we know little about the game. Was it a flick screen arcade adventure? A simple maze game with a bit of 3D thrown in? We do not know just yet, but hopefully in time will learn more about this game. Was Richard Clark involved?

Do you know any more about this game?

Contributions: Jason Kelk (Scans)

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