Mutant Fortress


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Also known as: The Muties Stole My Truck

A very quick entry for now thanks to Robin Gravel for his research work. We learn of a C64 version of this Spectrum and Amstrad game thanks to an inlay which lists C64 loading instructions and also credits for the C64 version of the game.

As mentioned – the game saw release on both the Amstrad and Spectrum back in 1989, and was a neat and simple arcade platformer … though what ever happened to the C64 version?

So far we know very little about what has happened to the game and how far it got (if ever started). The coders listed we have not heard of before – was this to be their first game? Did they get stuck?

More soon on this title!


Contributions: Robin Gravel

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    • Thanks Andrew. Yeah, this is how the entry was first established from the Spectrum/Amstrad inlay, which thankfully listed the developer credits too. No luck finding them so far – tried a few people on Facebook to no avail :(

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