Horror Atoll


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Text adventure from Kayde who went into administration at the 26th August 1983. Did Spectrum releases, tried to do C64 and Vic 20 ones, which never seemed to surface.

The game in the advert (Two adverts were submitted by Peter Weighill) was described as follows:

“The day seemed to be absolutely perfect. The two of us floating happily along in our balloon. Not a single cloud in sight. I suppose it lulled us into a false sense of security. The storm blew up from nowhere and before we knew it, we were fighting for our lives. There was nowhere to land, just the sea below us. What is the object you can see on the rock in the middle of the lagoon?”

Thanks to contributor JDP, we have learnt that the game was actually released on the Spectrum – though it seems the version here was found via a re-release, and it isn’t quite known if the Kayde version actually got a release. The guys at CASA actually fixed the Spectrum version as there was a fatal error in the code. The fixed version can be found here.

It suggests that the C64 version may never have sneaked out at all, and so we could be looking for an unfinished conversion.

Can you help?

Contributions: Peter Weighill, JDP

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