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An almost never-ending tech demo it seems when describing our next entry. Impulse is another sideways scrolling shooter, has titles in place and a main ship that you can shoot enemies with. However, the attackwaves are endless, as is the repeating background – but it is a promising start to a title which would have been well suited to a budget label of the time.

Of course – nothing ever surfaced. Russel Greenfield never did anything else it seems apart from a hack of Pacmania called Ninja Pac Man. I. Henderson isn’t credited to any other games either.

But James McNiven we have found used to work with Russ Michaels as part of the Delta Force group, and was known as Chopper. Russ sadly is no longer in touch, and we are yet to track James down to find out more. It seems that Russel was known to Russ Michaels, as the Ninja Pac Man is credited 1991 Electric Boys Software.

So what happened to this title? Maybe Russ Michaels can fill in the details…

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