Summer GTW64 update

Wow, has it really been since April when I did a GTW64 update? Well, the updates have been happening since then, but I haven’t done a digest of what has changed, so here it is below. But also, we have some surprises for you in the shape of 4 new releases! Details below!

Behemoth found and reconstructed + sources

Remains of Carleton Handley’s abandoned budget Armalyte clone has been recovered by GTW and re-constructed by Carleton for you to all enjoy…



Ilogical picross clone recovered and released


Remains of what seems to be an abandoned Picross clone has been added…


Welcome to Hell preview found


An obscure preview title which was found on Jukka TapanimÁ¤ki’s online disk archive…

Welcome to hell

Moonraker full game recovered and released


A 5 year search of a game that has been lost for over 30 years is now over, with the game’s developer recovering the title for GTW to put out there…


16 new entries added

Another 16 new entries have also been added in the form of:

Black Hawk, Butch – Hard Guy, Coma, Coven, Double Dragon V1, Enforcer 2, M45, Maelstrom, New Zealand Story V1, Operation Gunship, Planet Quarx, Quark IX, Screaming Wings, The Black Onyx, Unknown adventure game, Wreckers

51 updates added

And many other updates, which notes can be seen in the update notes for each. Enjoy!

Airwolf V1, Arcadian, Arsenal FC, Body Slam, Bombzone, Captain Courageous, Charlie Chaplin, Coloris, Covert Action, Defensive, Dempsey & Makepeace, Dragon Slayer, Eye Of The Moon, Giana 2 – Arthur And Martha In Future World, Gotcha Maths, Gremlins, Guy Spy, Habitat, Hangman’s Hazard, Hydlide, Ice Age, International Karate Deluxe, International Karate V1, Jimmy’s Grandprix, Lone Wolf – Ice Halls Of Terror, Lord Of The Rings, Math Tutor, Murder!, Nighthunter, Parasol Stars, Primary Maths Tutor, Psionic, Pulsator, Sankara Stone, Scooby Doo V1, Shellshock, Shelter, Sketch And Paint, Sooty And Sweep 2, Star Maze, Swords And Sorcery, T-Runner, Tank Battle Simulator, The Abyss, Toddler Tutor, Trojan, Twister, Unknown Tony Crowther game, Vale Of Shadows, Who Dares Wins, Zamzara V1

And finally…

Something is brewing at GTW64…. that is all….

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