Knight ‘n’ Grail 2

Mikael Tillander

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

The original Knight n Grail was a fantastic title which blew many people away when it turned up. One of my favourite games of recent times with some excellent twists and turns.

When this sequel preview turned up, I of course was very excited – but then Mikael was uploading it as an abandoned project which was apparently started several years ago. It’s a huge shame of course!

The title seems like it would have had a completely different spin compared to the first game, where this time you just control a flying bird shooting through various levels and taking different paths. Sort of like Agony on the Amiga if you want something to compare it to.

The preview has a few levels which you can go through and plenty of enemies to shoot. It’s very playable at this stage and shows a lot of promise. Mikael has very kindly made the source code available, which you can also find a copy here. Maybe Mikael will change his mind and finish the game some day, or someone else will pick things up.

A promising game sadly that may never be!

Supporting content

Available downloads

Creator speaks

Mikael Tillander talks about his game:

“The follow up to KnG. In a different genre, though.

Got the urge to continue on this. But there are too many problems, like the multiplexor / sprite performance.
Kind of like the idea though, there should be different routes to the final destination. This version have 4 different levels, I think.

So, this is the state it was left at…several years ago.”

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