It Came From The Desert


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A pretty famous Cinemaware title which was originally released on the Amiga, PC, Megadrive amongst others – but was also mentioned as having a C64 conversion in the works according to C&VG.

The game itself was inspired by many 1950’s B movies and was very well received.   The mention of a C64 version came in a preview within a July 1989 issue of C&VG and was flagged up by Ross Sillifant.

This was from the same time that Rocket Ranger was also converted, so its entirely possible that a C64 version was on the cards – but nothing really more was heard apart from this one mention.

So its very much early days and we need to dig up as much as we can on it.  Can anyone find an advert with the C64 specified?  Or maybe you worked on the game?

More soon we hope!

Contributions: Ross Sillifant, CommFor

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21/12/17 – Scan added thanks to CommFor

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  1. There’s announcement of upcoming “It Came from the Desert” for C64″ in ex-Yugoslav computer magazine called “Svet kompjutera”, published in July/August 1989.:

    “Biće biće” means “It will come soon”.

    In text they mentioned game will be inspired by the horror movie “Them” from 1950’s, main enemies are giant ants, and that publishers promising biggest arcade-strategic games so far.

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