Amity Island


Status: Full Game, Findability: 2/5

A small entry into GTW for a title which we have managed to preserve thanks to the kind loan from collector Havar B. Hojem.

This was a title spotted in Havar’s personal collection which had a home-made inlay produced. Curious to what the game was, we were loaned the title and at first couldn’t get anything to load.

It was realized that the files saved on the tape were Game Creator (Mirrorsoft) files saved directly, which must be loaded into the tool and could not be loaded in separately. After that realization, the game loaded fine and we were presented with a simple Jaws themed game where you actually control a shark that must eat people.

With huge thanks, Richard Bayliss has very kindly packaged up the game so that it can run independantly from the editor. Richard has added a quick title screen with instructions and compressed the files. Thanks Richard! We have also included the raw files if you want to check them out.

It is very simplistic and only worth a quick play, but then all Game Creator titles are like that. It’s certainly one of the better efforts made in the tool.

Sadly we don’t know anything about who created the game. Clearly it seems to be a title which was done for personal enjoyment, and at best may have been shared with a few friends. But there is a distinct lack of credits which means we cannot re-unite game with author (who no doubt have long forgotten about the title they possibly created as a kid). Havar brought the game in a bundle, where the tapes were owned by the seller’s uncle. We hope that Havar may recall the contact details of the person in particular so we can do some digging.

By putting up the game on GTW64, we hope that some day the author may by chance put in a search for their game and get a pleasant surprise! :)

Contributions: Havar B. Hojem, Richard Bayliss

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