Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

This may possibly be what turned into Ace 2088, the space
version of Ace. Jihad was the working title for the game which John Cassells pixelled some work for.

John had the following to say…
"I *might* have some graphics for the game I was working on for
Cascade when I left… with a working title of Jihad (which at the time was a lot less controversial than in todays climate :)) it was a space based flight sim (think Ace 2 in space) Don’t think I ever had any running demos though as the main coder, Ian Martin was very protective about his code."

We do not know anything else about the game at present, and much more research is needed. Sadly we lost contact with John some time back, and need to get back in touch with him.

Ian Martin now needs to be tracked down so we can question him about the game and see if we can find out more. We may be unlikely to distribute anything we find due to Ian being
protective of his code, but hopefully he’ll be willing to allow us to put some of his old work on the web or at least answer some

More soon we hope…

Contributions: John Cassells

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