Jack O’ Roses games

Jack O Roses

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A short entry for a series of games that were advertised in the US press as mail order only titles.

The games were as follows:

The Recent Unpleasantness – “Individual control of 43 Confederate Divisions/149 Brigades. Could you have turned back the Federal onslaught? Don’t refight the Civil War, declare your own!”

Comsopac (The Guardalcanal Campaign) – “Engage the Imperial Japanese Navy in Ironbottom Sound, Lead air attachs on the Toyko Express in ‘The Slot’. Be with the 1st Marines and American Div. along the Tenaru.”

Maladan the Invader – “You alone, Krysiga, have the political and military savvy to form the Alliance and lead into battle the legions of the nine feudal lords. Slam-bang medieval combat!”

Did any copies get out into the wild? If so, do you have any copies that we can preserve?

Contributions: Peter Weighill

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