Sir Lancelot

Mercury Microware

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

A very interesting title which has been sitting in the digital archives for some time.

Sir Lancelot is a scrolling platform and ladders title, sort of like an ancient Green Beret style game. It only has the one level, no sound and is pretty glitchy – but still looks fairly promising for a game of its age. We believe that the game was probably produced around 1986-87 time, as it has that feel to it.

Paul Thomas Ralphs only did one other game, which was the conversion of Match Day for Ocean under the development team name of “Mercury Microware”. Maybe this game was being touted to Ocean at the time?

Andrew Marland we could find no trace of any other work – this may have been his only work on the C64.

So we have some developer names, and are now chasing leads via the Mercury Microware link to see if this helps find any more information out on this game.

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