Mission Of Mercy

Richard Kay

Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

This game was being created by Richard Kay (who later started Software Creations) and Hugh Riley. The game also was to feature music by Peter Clarke.

It was a non scrolling platform game on a spaceship with evil monsters that your spaceman had to defeat.

There was apprently an arcade game in the coding recreation area called Mission of Mercy on which both guys play the whole game within the game to find out what was coming next.

The game hasn’t been seen, though the music did sneak out thanks to Peter Clarke. And because the game was scrapped, he reused the music in Ocean’s poor game ‘Double Take’.

Thanks to a brilliant interview with C64.com, Peter had the following to say when asked if he had worked on any games that never got released:

"Yeah! Mission of Mercy by Software Creations. Although, I’ve only found out recently that it never was released. Paulie got himself hired by Ocean in Manchester and he offered them the music for Double Take.

At the same time, I was talking to Software Creations, down the road from Ocean, literally five minutes walk from St Peter’s Square along Oxford Road in Manchester. I had offered the same music to Software Creations for Mission of Mercy. Both accepted before anyone realised!

I walked into Woolworths and there’s Double Take on a TV-screen with the scrolling credits saying ‘Music by Paul Hughes’. I was really angry thinking my friend had deceived me. Anyway, I went to Ocean to clear things up. Paulie got in a bit of trouble for it and Ocean were upset and talked about the lack of exclusivity. I told them that they didn’t have my permission to publish my music! They backed down and offered me a job, so I took it."

Not much else is known about the game, or its completeness…. Was this ever finished as well as released?

Strange game with a lack of information…

Contributions: Martin Holland, C64.com

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