Monstics Mystery 2

Francois Blanchette

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

Our next entry is a rather interesting Maniac Mansion style game written by Francois Blanchette back in 1986.

The game in 2014 has been resurrected in its final state in 1992, restored and properly named by Atlantis/F4CG. Unfortunately this is all that remains of the game, and a second development disk went missing a long time ago. This particular version which has been fully preserved contains two lost title pictures, level packing and some additional information stored away in the documentation file.

It is great to see something of this game preserved, but this will be it – with the programmer confirming that they checked all their disks and could not find any later copy. So unless someone comes forward with a disk which Francois had forgotten about, then what you see here is the definitive version.

Overall, its not bad and certainly worth a look to see what might have been. Hopefully at some point the coder will pop by to give their recollections about the game’s development – as we have no idea what the intentions for the game were. Also, it seems to be a sequel – but what of the first game?

More to come on this one soon!

Contributions: Joachim Wijnhoven, Dr Strange

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