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A bit of a lazy covering entry for a range of potential cartridges that were meant to have come out for the C64GS.

Back when the C64GS was launched, there was a strong list of support from the likes of Ocean, US Gold, System 3, Domark and more. Only really Ocean were true to their word, with many projected titles falling by the way side.

Already we have more complete entries for Spy Who Loved Me V2, due to extra content, but there are what are thought to be straight conversions to cartridge that never were. Could some of these ever be found in prototype form? Maybe there is extra music or content to be uncovered?

Here is the list of some titles so far, which will grow over time. This initial list is thanks to Ross Sillifant, who found a list in RAZE magazine and various other sources:

  • Rampart (Domark)Chris West confirms a cartridge version was developed.
  • Moonwalker Arcade (US Gold)
  • Turbocharge (System 3)
  • Putty (System 3)
  • Battlechess (Mindscape)
  • Ultima VI (Mindscape)
  • Crime Does Not Pay (Titus)
  • Wild Streets (Titus)
  • Greatest Hits (Thalamus)
  • Space Rogue (Origin)
  • Buggy Ranger (Dinamic)
  • Plotting (Ocean)
  • Addams Family (Ocean)
  • Puzznic (Ocean)
  • Hard Drivin’ (Domark)
  • Venus Flytrap (Gremlin)
  • Wrath of the Demon (Readysoft)
  • Armalyte 2 (Thalamus)
  • Hook (Ocean) – Confirmed the cartridge version was cancelled, but did exist!
  • Barbarian 3 (Palace)
  • Golden Axe (Virgin)
  • Racing Game construction kit (US Gold) – Using Turbo Outrun engine
  • Kick Off 2 (Anco)
  • Gazza 2 (Active Minds) – Confirmed nothing started
  • Turrican 2 (Rainbow Arts)
  • X-Out (Rainbow Arts)
  • Spy Who Loved Me (Domark)
  • The Games – Winter/Summer edition (Epyx) – Confirmed nothing started
  • California Games (Epyx)
  • Subbuteo (Electronic Zoo)
  • Orcus (Electronic Zoo)
  • Prohibition (Infogrames)
  • Bubble Ghost (Infogrames)
  • Rick Dangerous 2 (Microprose)
  • Starglider 2 (Microprose)
  • Bloodwych (Mirrorsoft)
  • Falcon (Mirrorsoft)
  • IK Deluxe (System 3)
  • Vendetta (System 3)
  • Last Ninja 3 (System 3)
  • Battlestorm (Titus)
  • Crazy Bikes (Titus)
  • Crazy Cars 2 (Titus)
  • Dick Tracy (Titus) … thank god that didn’t make it…
  • Fire and Forget 2 (Titus)
  • Wild Streets (Titus)
  • Armalyte + Sanxion double pack (Thalamus)
  • Hawkeye + Quedex double pack (Thalamus)
  • Delta + Hunters Moon double pack (Thalamus)
  • Creatures + Summer Camp double pack (Thalamus)
  • Snare, Retrograde and Heat Seaker triple pack (Thalamus)
  • Pro Tennis Tour 2 (Ubi-Soft)
  • B.A.T (Ubi-Soft)

It has been confirmed that Turbocharge (System 3) and Hook (Ocean) had cartridge instructions printed in the released manuals. Both seem to have been constructed in a view to be released on cartridge, but changed at the last minute to just disk and tape. Last Ninja 3 is known to have had prototype cartridges built, and Turbocharge probably did too – all are long lost now.

It was confirmed in June 2020 that Hook was intended for release on cartridge. Developer Andy Mucho confirmed it was developed for cartridge and worked fine on actual cartridges that had RAM pretending to be a cartridge. Apparently there was a problem when running out of an EPROM on an actual cartridge board. Andy feels it would have been mere days to find the cause, but there was little motivation to let him fix it. It was decided by Ocean to bin the cartridge version, probably partly due to the flop of the GS and poor cartridge sales. Andy feels it was a shape, as it was the best version by miles and is puzzled as to why time wasn’t allocated to fix it.

Many more to add soon. It is very unlikely that many were ever started or got to a prototype phase, but at the very least we will get them documented.

Watch this space!

Contributions: Ross Sillifant, Sean O'Neill, Aaron White

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Update history

  • 21/06/20 – Extra scan added thanks to Aaron White
  • 12/06/16 – Added Commodore 64 Guide scans thanks to Ross Sillifant.
  • 02/06/16 – Added extra scans thanks to Sean O’Neill
  • 27/02/16 – Another set of scans (CVG) thanks to Ross Sillifant!
  • 04/02/15 – Scan added thanks to Bangdot over at Lemon64 … http://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=55046
  • 26/05/14 – Puzznic added to the list + scan

37 Responses to C64GS cartridge titles

  1. Inside my MYTH cartridge by System 3, there’s a “Forthcoming Attractions” Pull out… Titles listed on it include:

    “Ninja Remix” – We know was released
    “Myth” – Obviously released
    “Vendetta” – Don’t think it got a cart release
    “Last Ninja 3” – same
    “Flimbo’s Quest” – Released in the C64GS bundle only I think?
    “Turbo Charge” – Never released on cart
    “International Karate (De-Luxe) – Not released
    “Deadlock” – Not heard of this before
    “Dawn of Steel (Myth 2) – Never released

    Deadlock and Myth 2 are most interesting here I think – As I never knew they were even planned. Turbo Charge was a real let down – even 1 month before release the magazines (CF/Zzap) were reporting the cartridge release at £19.99

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