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Another title gets added to the archive of Firebird/Silverbird games that never were. This time with a conversion of a pretty naff Gauntlet clone in the shape of Droidz from the Zx Spectrum platform.

The game was royally panned in the magazines at the time as being very dull to play and glitchy as hell. Even at the price of £1.99 – it wasn’t really seen as a bargain.

No adverts seem to ever have surfaced for a C64 version of the game, but it was recent contact with Andrew Graham in 2014, where it was revealed himself and his brothers Robbie and Stewart Graham (known as The Highlanders) had done a conversion. And it seems a completed conversion too!

For reasons currently unknown, Andrew suggests it is another title along with their Software Projects title Heebie Jeebies, which was oddly never released. It is very plausible that the game was not released due to the very poor scores it had received in the likes of Crash magazine. It would be good to confirm this some day.

It is hoped that Andrew might be able to find something of the conversion, which could even feature music by Steve Barrett – who did a lot of tunes for their C64 based games. It is very much a case of watch this space!

Contributions: Andrew Graham, World of Spectrum

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