Status: Full Game, Findability: 2/5

Thanks to Boerge Noest for highlighting this rather obscure game which was mentioned and discussed in Norweigen magazine Mikrodata back in 1984.

Apart from a discussion with the developers (In Norweigen at present, but here we go: Page 1, Page 2) and a screenshot of the game, nothing else has been seen. We hope to maybe get a translation at somepoint.

Did this ever get released at all?… Or did it just disappear?

It seems the developers didn’t do anything else, so did they decide to leave development?

We got in tough with both Gert and Torfinn back in 2012, and they confirmed that the game was completed and existed – but they never got round to getting it released. They had even recently resurrected the game for its 25th anniverary.

After some chasing over the years, Torfinn recovered the game in CCS64 emulation format and has allowed us to add it to the website. So after over 30 years of first seeing the screenshot – Boerge and many others can now enjoy the game!

It’s a simple shooter like you would expect from 1984, but it is great to finally see it in the flesh, and is worth a try!

Enjoy and case closed!

Contributions: Boerge Noest

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