Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Do you remember the SEUCK effort from Commodore Format called "Sub Burner" ? … And maybe its music which changed at different points in the game? Well, the music was infact meant for another game called "Pallasades" which was being written by Simon (Uzzy) Collis.

The game was a right to left scroller which was very much like R-Type. Several of the levels were actually completed with their end of level monsters. When the game was never finished, David saw Shaun’s "Sub Burner" game and tweaked the music and made it change to reflect what was happening on screen, rather than the usual little ditty grating along in the background.

As to the whereabouts of this promising and almost complete game, we’re not too sure sadly. It will rely on us trying to get hold of Simon to see if he still has his disks with anything of the game on.

Exciting stuff though… could we be looking at a good R-Type styled clone?

Contributions: David Dewar

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