Pang V1

Carl Muller

Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

Although Pang actually did make it out on the C64, it wasn’t just Arc Developments who had a crack at producing the C64 conversion.

Programmer of the C64 version of Speedball 2 and Turtles, Carl Muller tried to get the licence to produce Pang for Ocean by creating a quick demo to demonstrate that he could do it.

After about two weeks worth of work, this reasonable attempt was created and sent to Ocean, but the licence was turned down, and eventually Arc Developments got it.

So the preview was all that ever remained of Carl’s own attempt for the licence. A good attempt in its very early stages, but shaping up.

Graphically terrible, though Carl knocked up the graphics just to test and demonstrate the actual game principles itself at this phase.

This is it though… you will have to check out Arc Developments conversion, which is all that ever happened after.

A previously unseen prototype of Pang, all found.. case closed!

Contributions: Carl Muller

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Creator speaks

Carl Muller speaks to GTW about work on Pang V1...

"This was after I hooked up with Nick Pelling (Frak, 3d pool), and I was learning the PDS cross-compiler and proper C64 coding. I don't know the exact circumstances of who had what rights to the game.

I'd been meaning to get this to assemble (away from PDS) for a while now... Am I getting old or is that game harder than I remember? :-)

Notes on Pang (pang.t64):
Keys for player one: IJKM (movement along ground/ladder/platform) ' (creates a ball) space (fires harpoon)
Keys for player two: AZ,. (movement along ground/ladder/platform) Backspace (creates a ball) / (fires harpoon) <- key to play again" is ' on frodo
god knows why I put a notepad style editor in there..."

Carl Muller .

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