Pieces 2


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Pieces 2 was a sequel to a late 90’s puzzler which can be found at Gamebase at http://www.gamebase64.com/game.php?id=5688&d=18&h=0 . Apparently the original game was released too early and by someone else, but we need confirmation on this.

Pawel Bol was the author who mentioned on a forum post that the game was supposed to be released in 2003, but he lost interest in working on the game and it never made it. It was to be a simple puzzle game with beautiful graphics by Timo Buschmann. He went on to say not to expect it to be released in the near future, as there was so much more work to be done with it.

The game was never announced anywhere, and the forum post at Gamebase was the first time the game got mentioned.

So what now with the game (and with us at the end of 2007)? … We had hoped to get hold of Pawel and find out more, and see if this game will indeed be finished. It could well be ending up in GTW in some shape or form.

Well, Pawel spoke to Jazzcat who told us that the game has been frozen for some time and no preview was ever made. It is believed that one day the game will be finished, but we cannot tell when. Otherwise its a project that may get here some day, but it isn’t something we can really search for and find. It will get released when / if it gets finished, and its as simple as that.

At present it seems that the game could well be finished off for Protovision and may not become a GTW afterall!… We shall see!… More details thanks to Ramos can be found here:


For now, Timo has kindly passed on some screenshots of the game in action, and looking very nice indeed!

More soon we hope…

Contributions: Pawel Bol, Timo Buschman, Ramos

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