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Pimania was an adventure game released very early on back in 1982/83. If you managed to crack the game and interpret the clues correctly – you could work out the time, date and place where someone will be waiting to hand over the "Golden Sundial of Pi" – worth £6000 in gold, diamond, lapis lazuli and obsidian.

The game had mixed receptions – not sure who ever got the prize either :) …

The game only really got a release on the Spectrum, BBC and Dragon 32k… though the C64 was mentioned in one particular advert. However, in other adverts the C64 option to order was removed. So did the game get cancelled on the C64?

Automata never released any other games on the C64, so maybe they decided to stick to the other platforms?… Seems strange really. Hopefully we can find out some of the developers who did the game and find out exactly what happened.

For now, we need more info – do you know anything?…

Contributions: Peter Weighill

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