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This is one of the strangest games i’ve seen on a C64, mainly because of its originality of having a 2D sprite as the main character, and 3D vectors as the enemies.

Pro-Does features different vector shapes which have to be blasted away quickly, without touching you first, and all within a time limit.

It’s strange looking, and slightly impressive at first, but then the excitement quickly wears off and you are left with a simple shooter, with some flash bits of code to cover it up.


Gaz Spence recently in 2016 found that the game was an ending part to the demo Triiod 3, so it seems this was never intended to be a full game – but just part of the demo.

Case closed!

Contributions: Gaz Spence

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20/04/16 – Gaz Spence confirms that game was part of a demo – case closed!

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  1. Hi Frank, this is the end part of the Triiod 3 demo. I believe this part was released separately as for whatever reason but it was probably never intended as a game as such.

    • Thanks for confirming Gaz – looks like it was just ripped out and cracked to get some cheap points, and never intended to be a proper game. Will update now.

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