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A very big thanks to Mauricio MuÁ±oz Lucero for highlighting this one for us. Proteus is basically Warhawk V1 which has recently surfaced thanks to the author of Warhawk digging out his unreleased software whilst he develops the new Warhawk game on the DS. We think its probably sneaked out already, as Rob’s tune is already in HVSC which is slightly different to the final Warhawk tune.

The game is basically exactly the same game (With minor differences), but was a beta version sent to Firebird before the final name was chosen. Proteus is the name of the team behind Warhawk.

From an interview in RESET issue 11 – changes were made due to the game being too similar to the arcade it was based on, so this is the version before the Firebird changes were made.

Case closed!…

Contributions: Gaz Spence, RESET magazine

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  1. Hi Frank, hope you are well. You might have picked up in Reset Issue 11 the reason why Firebird asked the developers to make the changes to Warhawk. It was to do with the similarities with the arcade game on which it was based. I suppose it just adds a little back story to preview.

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