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Yet another Clockwize title which has been saved from obscurity thanks to Dean Hickingbottom for passing on what is likely the only remaining copy of the game.

This was a title due for release in 1990, and was coded by Craig Wight, with graphics by Craig and Helen Morley. The concept was devised by Craig and a guy called Pete Morley. Music is previously unheard tracks by Sonic Graffiti (who Craig believes was Gez who wrote the these tunes). The game was written between 5/2/1990 and 14/2/1990

We think it was for Clockwize, as the disk was in the possession of Dean – but there are no actual company credits in the game. We are not sure if it was ever pitched to any companies at the time or not, and hope to find out soon.

The aim of the game is to move around the matrix and kill the attackers that are attempting to drain all the matrix energy. If the attackers energy reaches 100%, then it is game over. If your energy reaches 100%, you will move onto the next level.

Overall, its a neat and simple title which it seems a shame never got seen back in the day. Craig recalls that Helen created the logo by tracing from a drawing using a plastic sheet. Also that he probably spent more time on the raster effects than the actual gameplay. If no company picked it up, then surely a magazine cover would have taken the game?

As a result, the game has remained unseen for over 25 years until today – so here it is, and with some previously unheard Sonic Graffiti tunes to boot too! Enjoy!

Contributions: Dean Hickingbottom, Craig Wight

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