Quadrant 4


Status: Full Game, Findability: 4/5

Our next game comes in the shape of a simple Uridium clone that was developed at Clockwize back in 1989, and according to the hidden messages in the code – was developed in only 2-5 days – and over the Xmas/Boxing day period.

It was coded by Craig Wight, with graphics and sound by someone called Budgie (who I have no idea who that is!). Overall, it isn’t the best game in the world and would have struggled against other strong budget titles of the time, but it is worthy of saving none the less. Graphically it isn’t too bad overall!

We don’t know exactly if the game was ever pitched to anyone in particular, or if it was being set up for a magazine cover – but it never quite happened, whatever the intention for the game. It is believed that the game was actually pitched to Hi-Tec/PAL developments, but turned down. As a result, it has sat dormant for over 25 years on a disk, until Dean Hickingbottom helped to save it by passing on a copy to GTW64 to preserve.

Hopefully in the near future we will get to learn more about the intentions for the game, but for now – here is the complete game for your enjoyment!


Contributions: Craig Wight, Dean Hickingbottom

Supporting content

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