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A very quick entry which was brought to our attention via a tune in Gilles Soulet’s HVSC folder.

Sapiens was a game being developed by Loriciels back in 1986 time, and it seems a C64 version was on the cards to follow the Amstrad version that did get a release (Loriciels was a prolific Amstrad developer/publisher due to its French roots and the success of the machine out there).

The game was a graphic adventure which had you selecting commands from a menu to move around the game. It was pretty much like a cross between The Hobbit and Maniac Mansion.

Gilles composed his tune in 1987, which suggests that the C64 version must have been well under way. It is unknown why exactly the game never quite made it, and so our journey begins to try and find out more.

Of course, you can check out the music for now – but we now also want to see something of the game itself. Did it ever survive?

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