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Also known as: The Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit 2

The Shoot ‘Em Up Construction Kit (SEUCK for short) is probably one of the most famous tools on the C64 of all time, spawning many hundreds (if not thousands) of creations, ranging from old tosh to some really superb creations. But as with any tool, there is a limit to be reached, and SEUCK has now long overstretched that limit. It has resorted now for new title screens, music and effects to be hard coded into the game to get something a bit different. Jon Wells even reprogrammed the engine to scroll sideways!

But a Sideways SEUCK was rumoured to actually going to be a reality… Zzap 64 spoke to Sensible Software back in issue 61, where they discussed the possibility of a SEUCK 2. Palace were very keen to see a sequel/upgrade to the popular selling tool, and Sensible were looking interested in creating one to improve on what they saw as flaws in the first editor.

Some of the plans?

* Horizontal Scrolling
* Graphics libraries
* Super weapon options + powerup options
* Enhanced title screen design options
* Ability to add music

There was even rumour of there being plans to add platform game capabilities to the editor, to stretch the whole SEUCK phenominon in a whole new direction.

Sadly, things were never to materialize as Sensible moved onto new projects and away from the idea of a SEUCK 2. It seems like nothing was ever even started also. Just why was the editor never started?… Would this editor have kept C64 gamers happy using and playing SEUCK efforts for many more years?…

Well, thanks to Craig Grannell, we can confirm that no SEUCK 2 was actually planned according to Jon Hare. Nothing was started, and it seems like Palace were more hoping for one, than Sensible wanting to do a sequel. So its sadly going to be case closed for this one, but who knows… maybe someone will tweak the existing engine and give it a new lease of life…

Case closed!…

Contributions: Craig Grannell

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