Speed Trap


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Speed Trap was a game being written by a guy called Alan Jesse, who also wrote a puzzle game called Quantum (released on Commodore Zone magazine) and also worked on a Trailblazer game that never saw the light of day either.

Since Alan, Jason Morrell and Jason Kelk were avid readers of Zzap! and hanging on Martin Walker’s every word in his Citadel diary, they tried to implement some of what he was talking about. Speed Trap was Alan’s way of looking into the idea of tile compression – getting large areas of the screen scrolling at speed and handling movement similiar to the tile by tile system described in Walker’s Way.

Things didn’t get very far at all, and just an early piece of code was built to test things. It is possible that a later preview exists with a sprite and a couple of tile-based collisions, but there was no music started that Jason Kelk was aware of.

The game was ditched when sixth form college and higher education called, and meant that Alan no longer had time to code. You can check out the remains for yourself, and wonder just what might have been!

Contributions: Jason Kelk (part review)

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