The Blues Brothers


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A quick entry due to a lack of information at present.

The Blues Brothers eventually did get a C64 release thanks to Titus Software back in 1991, but way back in 1987, CRL were also due to create a game after obtaining the licence.

According to Commodore User in April 1987, the game at the time was at the storyboard stage, and the plan was to release the game at the PCW show in September of that year.

It never did surface, and the conversion was forgotten about. So what happened?… Did they lose the licence?… Was anything started?…. Do the storyboards and ideas still exist?

Clem Chambers confirmed that they either did or nearly did get the licence, but nothing got into serious development. It was suggested that this licence would have been shortly after The Rocky Horror Show, and there was a big developer change at that point which may have killed the project.

More soon on this we hope…

Contributions: Clem Chambers, GurtyGurt

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