Super Huey 3


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

First reported in Zzap’s news page in July 1988, a third in the series of very popular Huey games by Cosmi and Paul Norman. The last sequel was released around 1985, so quite a large gap to decide upon a 3rd game.

However, Cosmi did release a number of games through Microprose, but Super Huey 3 was sadly not to be one of them.

Apart from the small news clippet, nothing else was really mentioned about the sequel, so we have no indication of how far the game would have got before it was cancelled. Why was it cancelled?… We don’t know.

Considering that C64 game were advancing rapidly in 1988, it would have no doubt looked far better than the previous two games, but would it have played just as well (if not better) ?

We hope to find out – and maybe Paul Norman has the answers?… We hope to find him soon and find out more and maybe help solve this case…

One we hope to find a lot more out about soon!…

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