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Around the same time that World Class Rugby was announced, Audiogenic also announced a follow up to Emlyn Hughes called “Super League Manager”.

The game was mentioned in issue 7 of Commodore Format and was being programmed by Gary Bassett. Gary was working with Lou Macari to get some management tips to help create a more realistic experience.

Apart from this one mention, the magazines never mentioned the game again and it soon disappeared for good.

With a programmer lead, it is hopeful that we will find out more about this title very soon. Was the game going to improve on the action of the first game?

Martin Smith informs GTW that the game was eventually released for the Amiga and ST in 1995 (late in those machines’ lifespans). It was primarily a management game, but with few statistics and concentrating on player personalities and training schedules. It linked with Emlyn Hughes’ in that a few of your games could be played out if you had EHIS.

Martin / Stadium 64 supplied some scans of the various inlays that were produced for the action football game, with the 1990 re-release of the game to co-incide with the ST/Amiga releases. Here there are mentions of the Super League expansion, and with links to the C64 edition quite clear.

Development hell?… hopefully Peter from Audiogenic will shed more light soon…

Does anything exist?…

Contributions: Martin Smith, Martin/Stadium64

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