The Ninja Eggs

Duncan Lyons

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26/11/14 – Duncan Lyons sheds light on his game that never was.

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A very quick entry, and probably not one to take too seriously!

This was mentioned by a chap called Duncan Lyons from Stockport back in Issue 20 of Commodore Format.  He wrote in to the letters pages saying that he wanted to design his own game called The Ninja Eggs and was after someone to market it.

It was likely just a young lad who was hopeful of getting into game design, and nothing was ever started… but maybe there were some plans for the game drawn up.  Did Duncan ever get round to sending off his ideas to any of the publishers at the time?

Well Duncan got in touch with GTW64 in 2014, and confirmed that the game was sadly never produced.  But it sounds like a series of sketches and cartoons were produced, which we may get to add to the site some day.  It seems it could have been a game, but Duncan didn’t quite have the support to bring it to fruition.  Maybe someone can help him?

Case very much almost closed!

Contributions: Richard Bayliss, Duncan Lyons

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3 Responses to The Ninja Eggs

  1. Duncan says:

    Hello, yes this young lad was me back in the day. I used to draw dozens of their adventures and somewhere I reckon I will have some. Unfortunately I was only ten at the time and until today I’d forgotten all about it!

  2. Hmmmm… I doubt this person did anything. I think they just had an idea and was asking a question – nothing more.

    • fgasking says:

      Agreed – it may have just been the passing idea of a young kid who never really took it any further. I would be pleasently surprised if the guy did spot the review and then say he had a book of ideas as a kid which he still had, with concept sketches for Ninja Egg. Probably not! 🙂

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