The Stock Exchange

Telegame Software

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A short entry now for a title highlighted to us by Baracuda and which he had compiled as part of a James Hastings-Trew slideshow in 2023.

James had produced a loading screen for a title called The Stock Exchange, which was due out in 1986 by Telegame Software. The game itself was created (and assumed programmed) by a Tom Conroy.

The subject of the game is fairly self explanatory, and no doubt it would have been a mostly text-based game with various options to play the stock exchange, with some small graphical elements created by James.

We’re not sure if the game got anywhere at all, though the two did release a game called Tele-Chess under the label. There was also another unreleased title a year later called Raceday by the same duo.

Hopefully we’ll get hold of James or Tom in the near future to find out more and crucially see if anything ever existed and can be saved.

Contributions: Baracuda

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