The White Dragon


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The While Dragon was a game being proposed by a guy called Sean Huxter. It was hoped that it would be proposed to Epyx Software back in the early 80’s as a sequel of sorts to Dragonriders of Pern. Sean believes that the game would be a lot more fun than the original version that Epyx released.

The game would control which screen he has to go to, some mockups included a Firestone Pit (for refilling a dragon), Map room (for chosing which region to go to in a fight thread) and Egg Room (where oldtimers would occasionally steal a queen egg).

The mockups show Pern environment screens. Thread would fall on the land, and if it touched it, the land would turn black. When a whole land block was deadened, it would be lost, and no longer accessible. Your dragon would fly over the land, flaming thread, Joust-like.

Overall the mockups look pretty impressive for their time, and it is a shame that Sean didn’t get to submit his creations.

We hope to hear more from Sean soon about this game and if anything was ever sent to Epyx. For now, check out the game mockups until we learn more about this entry.

Contributions: Fabrizio Bartoloni

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