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Also known as: Mega Game 3 or 4

Star Traders (working title) is one of the lesser known Mega Game titles which Imagine Software were to release back in 1984. The series was to include around 6 games – with Star Traders to be the 3rd/4th title being done on both the C64 and ZX Spectrum. Both Bandersnatch and Psyclapse were the two more well known titles.

Originally we only had the one entry for the entire Mega Games set, but to be honest – each game is worthy of its own entry. So we have the main Mega Games entry to cover all, and ones for each title that we know of which were due for the C64. The Mega Games entry in particular will talk more about the failed hardware add-on attempt to combat piracy. Here we will focus purely on the games themselves.

Star Traders was confirmed by Marc Wilding to be a mix of the Activision game Star Raiders (hence similar name) and Elite. It got to a very early stage with the ship flying through a starfield and with a early menu system.

Marc Wilding has confirmed that he has sprite drawings, design documents and also the entire remaining source code for the game – albeit, printed out on huge sheets of A3. It is hoped that maybe a project could be set up to preserve this material and maybe even get things running again. Not an easy job, but one we hope that Marc will be up for in the future.

More information soon on this one!

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Marc (Wilding) Dawson answers some questions about Star Traders

1) Now you mentioned in your interview with us that you worked on the Star Traders game which was part of the Megagames series for Imagine. Was this game that similiar to Star-Raiders?

The game was a cross between Star Raiders and Elite (Although Elite was not around at that time). It was Star Raiders with Tradeing in a huge universe. I still have all the sprite drawings and I believe a listing of where the game was up to.

2) How far did Star Traders get before it was cancelled, and does it still exist anywhere today?

Basically we had a ship(off screen) flying through a star field with enemy ships whizzing past. It had a bit of a menu system to it, but it was only going for a short period of time.

3) Did you ever see anything of the other Megagame titles (Psyclaspe, Bandersnatch, Hero), and if so.. what were they like?

Yes I saw all of them. Bandersnatch and Psyclapse were fairly far into development and I believe Bandersnatch was re-named and updated and appeared on the Apple Mac and Atari ST as Psygnosis first release (Can’t remember the name now)

4) Do you still have the designs to any of the titles which you mentioned in your interview, and if so, would it be possible for GTW to use these with the respective review?

Yes I probably do have some of the designs. They are all hand written and in programmer art, but you would get the picture from them. I also have pretty much every issue of the Imagine Times. and internal comical newsletter..

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