Things On Strings

Software Creations

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Not a lot is really sadly known about this game, even if it bore any resembalance to Thing On A Spring!…

This is a title which was first mentioned to GTW by Martin Holland before he passed away. The game seems to have been complete, and Martin had found the game, but sadly Martin died before the game could be passed over. It might be down now to finding the coder, or even the person who took over Martin’s disk collection, which is a bad thing to look at really.

Martin’s words on the game were… “‘Things On Strings’ – something to add to GTW at the very least to keep your readers happy :)” , which to us confirms he had something of the game.

We could possibly narrow down the programmer to Martin Howarth or Mike Ager to start with, as these were two of the main developers at Creations.

A lot more information needed on this title, such as what the game is about etc. We will hopefully hear more soon after a few questions will be asked around.

More information needed, so can anyone help?

Contributions: Martin Holland

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