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Trantor was a fairly well received game, but mainly for its awesome music and graphics. The game itself sucked a little bit, but overall it still has its fans.

Recently C64 endings discovered that at the end of the first game there is a message saying…


Just random stuff from the authors, or did they really plan a quick sequel? (See the ending page here btw)

It is possible that there were plans all along for two games, but maybe if the first game done very well. Overall it got average reviews for not being a game of great depth, so it is very likely plans for the sequel were scrapped as a result.

Was anything started though? Would it have been different or more of the same?…

Well, team member Ross Sillifant highlighted that Retro Gamer magazine did a feature on Trantor and revealed the following about a possible sequel:

Ports aside, the original Trantor teased a sequel, but Nick reveals that his ideas for Trantor II were never acted on. “Sadly no work was ever started. If we had switched to the Amiga / ST then I would have tried a co-op version. I liked the idea of players having to cover each other. For this to work I would have had to pull the camera out further. David Perry and I worked as a team for many years after Trantor, so the sequel would have been made by both of us.”
So that is that – no sequel ever existed sadly and there is nothing to find unfortunately. Very much a case closed!

Contributions: Vinny Mainolfi, Andrew Fisher, Ross Sillifant

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